KSN Threat Tracker for Friday, 8/29/14

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9:51PM Showers are wrapped up so now we turn our attention to helping you make your holiday weekend plans. There will be some great weather–and a threat of severe weather. Tune in now to KSN News at 10 for the latest. Or check in any time here on KSN.com.

8:09PM Dying sprinkles and showers for now, except in Kay County, OK, where there is still some good rain. In the meantime, the first part of our holiday weekend is looking pretty good. But Sunday could be a different matter. We are under an elevated risk for severe weather. The greatest chance of strong storms for the KSN viewing area seems to be late in the afternoon on into Sunday night. So much of Sunday could be pretty good–but you will need to have a way to keep in touch even out and enjoying holiday fun.  Here’s a great way–follow our Twitter severe weather feed for your part of Kansas:


6:23PM Very spotty showers and thundershowers in Southcentral and Northwestern Kansas, along with Northcentral Oklahoma. Severe weather not anticipated and storms will have a tough time as the sun sets. Sunday could be a different matter as you can see:

Check your plans for the holiday weekend--and keep an eye on Sunday.
Check your plans for the holiday weekend–and keep an eye on Sunday.

5:48PM Showers and storms decreasing across Wichita and Southcentral Kansas. But we’ll track them on KSN at 6. We’ll also look at the coming holiday weekend, including a threat for severe weather on Sunday. The latest radar is here anytime so you can track the storms when you need to!

4:57PM Time for KSN News at 5! We’re tracking a few showers and storms in Southcentral Kansas, and looking ahead to the rest of the holiday weekend. Tune in or check your forecast anytime here on KSN.com.

4:15PM We continue to track a few popcorn showers and storms across Southcentral Kansas including some that are just Northwest of Wichita. None pose any threat of severe weather–but be alert for some heavy rain, even small hail, and gusty winds. The latest radar is always right here at your fingertips on KSN.com.

2:30PM We have a nice breeze in Wichita with temperatures in the 80s. We are keeping a close eye on redevelopment of storms late this afternoon in central Kansas. Strong winds, small, and locally heavy rainfall will be possible with any storms that do form. You can track it on radar right here. 

12:00PM Join us now on KSN News at Noon… we’ll show you how rain will impact your holiday weekend.

11:25AM A cold front will continue to march east across the region. We will be watching for showers and storms to redevelop along this boundary, mainly in eastern Kansas…. so we will have to keep weak rain chances in the forecast for this afternoon although it will not be a washout. There may be a few lingering storms in the viewing area tonight but most of the activity should stay in Oklahoma and Missouri.

DF Daypart

10:37AM Lots of sun is expected today in the wake of a departing storm system in western Kansas. We will track a few showers and storms through central Kansas this afternoon but non are expected to become severe. Our attention then turn to the next weather-maker  approaching the region on Sunday, bringing with it a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. When making your weekend holiday plans, make sure to stay up to date with the weather forecast over the next couple of days.

9:55AM Morning rain showers are now off in eastern Kansas this morning. Otherwise, we’re looking at much cooler temperatures this morning. You can track all the rain here. 

6:17AM Showers are slowly moving out of the Metro area, but the temps this morning are delightful, even with a little rain.

KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

5:20AM In Wichita and Central Kansas you could wake up to some light showers this morning. Grab your umbrella and check your radar right here.


4:30AM A few showers lingering this morning in Central Kansas otherwise we are off to a very mild start to the day! Highs this afternoon will only make it into the 80’s across the state setting us up for a great start to the Labor Day Weekend!!

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