92-year-old Kansas woman can’t vote, Bible saves her

SHAWNEE, Kansas – It’s a new law that began last year in Kansas.

You now have to show a proof of United States citizenship, and if you can’t, you can’t vote.

At 92 years old, Shawnee voter Evelyn Howard has voted in 18 presidential elections.

“I just thought, I would vote for the one I thought was the best candidate, you know.”

Evelyn says it’s a privilege to vote, and that’s why when she moved from Missouri to Kansas, she was shocked when told she couldn’t because she didn’t have a birth certificate.

“I knew we ought to find someway that I can vote cause I’m still a United States citizen,” added Evelyn.

That is when the family Bible from 1920 came into play.

“This was her mother’s Bible, which had in it the place when she was born, and where she was born,” said Marilyn Hopkins, Evelyn’s daughter.

Simple notes written by her mother in a Bible from nearly 100 years ago.

It was approved by the Kansas Election Board and will allow Evelyn to keep voting.

“This has her parents, when they were married and where they came from, then it has her brothers and sisters. There were four of them,” added Marilyn.

The Bible had recently sold at her estate sale, and the buyer contacted daughter Marilyn and thought the family should have it back.

“It makes her happy to know she”ll be able to vote. It’s always been so important to her, and it was her duty to vote,” said Marilyn.

“It’s an obligation, we are citizens of the United States and if everybody don’t vote, they can’t complain, we should do the best for our country.”

Howard’s case was just the third heard by the three member Kansas State Election Board since the new law took effect last year.

There are currently more than 20,000 registrations on hold in Kansas waiting for proof of citizenship.

Evelyn is registered as a Republican.

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