Saint Luke’s Hospital opens kidney transplant clinic in Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas – Kidney transplant patients will have a shorter drive for their follow up treatment.

Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City opened up a clinic Wednesday on North Emporia in Wichita.

The clinic will work with local doctors to help with kidney transplants along with pre and post transplant care.

Patients evaluated in Wichita for transplants will be placed on the Saint Luke’s wait list which offers some of the shortest wait times in the country.

“Our wait time in 2013 is 14.8 months. Compare that nationally the national average is 70 months. When you are a patient, getting dialysis several times each week, waiting for a transplant, such a short wait time feels like a miracle,” said Dr. Christie Gooden, Saint Luke’s Hospital.

Three transplant doctors will serve in Wichita, but the actual transplants will still be done in Kansas City.

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