KSN Threat Tracker for Thursday, 8/28/14

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9:57PM Time for KSN News at 10 and we’re glad to tell you that we are tracking storms with just rain–no threat of severe weather. This includes rain in the Wichita metro area. Tune in now and we’ll track it all for you. Or catch up with the latest radar here on KSN.com.

8:50PM Scattered showers and storms moving across Kansas this evening. No severe weather is anticipated, though the stronger storms still have the potential to produce some gusty 50mph winds. In addition, some of the rain is very heavy and localized flooding is still possible. We are continuing to track the storms–and you can follow along anytime with the latest radar right here on KSN.com.

7:56PM Continuing to track quite a few showers and storms across Kansas–but none severe as of this writing. Storms will produce very heavy rain, and could also produce small hail and gusty winds. The rain in some areas is heavy enough for long enough to cause localized flooding. So remember, if you encounter high water, TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN.

7:30PM Warnings allowed to expire for Russell and Barton Counties. We continue to track storms. You can follow along with the latest radar here on KSN.com.

7:24PM Strong storms continue in Russell and Barton Counties. 50-60mph winds possible. And, we can’t completely rule out a weak tornado–so be alert to rapidly changing conditions.

6:54PM Brief weak tornado reported in Milberger in Russell County. Tractors flipped and some windows broken. Be alert to changing conditions.

6:52PM Couple of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings out for Russell and Barton Counties. Chief threat will be 50-60mph wind. Remember that other storms in Northcentral and even Northwest Kansas could also produce cold air funnels–as discussed below usually not a major threat.

5:54PM Coming on KSN News at 6, we’ll track showers and storms that mostly well-behaved in Kansas–though as noted below we have had reports of cold air funnels in Northcentral Kansas. Join us for the latest, or check the radar here anytime.

5:42PM It is possible we could see some cold air funnels with storms in Northcentral and Northwest Kansas. Cold air funnels very rarely touch down, and on those rare occasions when they do they are weak circulations. We will continue to track the storms and monitor conditions.

4:55PM Tracking some showers  and storms this afternoon, including in the Wichita metro area. At this hour they are all well-behaved–just giving us nice rain. Join us on KSN News at 5, or check the latest radar anytime here on KSN.com.

4:09PM Thanks to afternoon showers temperatures have cooled off quite a bit in the southcentral Kansas! Where it has been drier today temperatures are sitting in the 90s still over to northeast Kansas. You can track it all right here.

KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

2:26PM Showers are now passing through Wichita. You can track it all right here.

11:55AM A line of showers and embedded thunderstorms will slowly track east across central Kansas this afternoon. Some relief is in store this weekend join us on KSN News at Noon for the latest!

10:39AM Wet weather is expected across the region for today. Widespread showers and embedded thunderstorms are possible, with rainfall amounts of a 1/2 to 1 inch common. Localized heavy rainfall may lead to some areas picking up 2 to 3 inches of rainfall. You can also count on relief from the heat from now until Friday!

10:02AM Still tracking a line of showers across central Kansas, knocking on Sedgwick County doorstep now. Otherwise, it’s really comfortable outside, not hot at all…. nice relief!

8:00AM Showers are slowly moving across Central Kansas. They are inching their way toward Wichita at this hour. Click here for your local radar.



7:00AM Rain is moving into Sedgwick county and we’ll have on and off rain chances throughout the day and tonight.

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6:30AM You may need to run the wipers on the way to work this AM!! Rain is moving into Sedgwick County at this hour. Check your radar here.

5:30AM Morning showers and storms will gradually taper off by early afternoon, but in the heat of the day we will see storms redeveloping. While widespread severe weather is not anticipated some of the storms could become strong to marginally severe later today. The KSN Weather Team will be tracking anything that develops. Stay connected with our Twitter feeds for any warnings in your area.





5:10AM Finally a break from the heat today… It will be a muggy start to the morning and you could run into some rain at the bus stop, but you can say good bye to the 90’s for awhile.


4:30AM We are tracking a line of showers moving through NC and SC Kansas. While no severe weather is anticipated you can expect light to moderate rain from these showers and thundershowers. Another area of rain in NW Kansas is bringing some welcome moisture along with some thunder. Check you local radar here.

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