Mail thefts becoming more common in Wichita

Mailbox (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – A rash of mailbox thefts over the past few months has gotten the attention of the Sedgwick County District Attorney, Marc Bennett.

The next time you stroll down your driveway to get your mail, you could find that some, if not all of it is gone.

“People going to mailboxes, hitting mailboxes after the mailman came through looking for credit card applications, bills that were paid, washing, washing checks,” said Bennett.

Bennett said that in the first 8-months of this year, the theft of personal mail has been rampant in Wichita.

“They’re going to be back in the neighborhood where during the day, less people are around, less likelihood of kids and people being around,” said Bennett.

In this year, there have been 134 reported case of mail theft. Since summer began, the numbers have begun to spike, with 26 cases in the month of July, and 14 so far this month.

With thieves targeting some of your most valuable information, Bennett says there are some steps to take to protect yourself.

“Place a fraud alert on your credit card reports or credit reports and review them, contact an agency that issued your driver’s license and things like that to cancel a document and get a replacement,” said Bennett.

He added it’s also a good rule of thumb to put a lock on your mailbox, and if all else fails, you can also gets a post office box at the nearest post office to make totally sure your mail is secure.

If you see somebody walking by and taking a look at a mailbox, don’t hesitate to call police.

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