Plane makes a crash landing near El Dorado

Courtesy: Kianga Kelley

El DORADO, Kansas – A plane made a crash landing near El Dorado. According to dispatch, two men were inside the plane when an accident happened near the airport’s runway.

The men were taking off from El Dorado in the Cessna 310 to head back to Jabara Airport in Wichita. The men said one engine began to fail and lost power.

They crash landed in a field. The pilot didn’t have time to call authorities for help.

“When you’re only, you know, maybe 100 feet off the ground, you’re not going to have a lot of time to do anything,” said Trooper Charles Stangle, Kansas Highway Patrol.

Both walked away without injuries. The plane is owned by Lakepoint Aviation of Augusta. The FAA is investigating.

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