Landlords upset over rental licensing in Hoisington

HOISINGTON, Kansas- New rental licensing agreements have some landlords in Hoisington upset.

A new rental licensing agreement would enforce minimum standards in rental homes, which involves having windows that could open and locks on doors, before they could be leased.

“If we’re going to do something to try and clean up the community and why start picking on landowners, I mean let’s look at the whole picture and get the residents of the whole town in it,” said Leon Steiner, a landlord.

City leaders argue they’re trying to ensure clean and safe rental housing.

“I think we have support from property owners and tenants alike, to try and ramp up our enforcement efforts and clean our community up, I think we’re going to have a more focused effort,” says City Manager Jonathan Mitchell.

Some landlords felt like they were being singled out and decided to take action.

“I guess the thing that we thought would be best was to just repeal it and if the situation comes up again maybe we can work together with the city and the council and try to make a little bit better ordinance next time,” said Mike Harmon.

A few landlords got together and started a petition which now has one hundred and forty eight signatures on it to repeal the rental licensing agreement, and the city council voted unanimously to draft an ordinance to vote on at their next meeting to repeal that agreement.

Landlords argue, the ordinances are already in place, but the city says it needed more teeth behind the enforcement.

“A lot of them are challenging to enforce and so with the licensing program it would have helped with that,” Mitchell said.

The city hopes to work more closely with landlords as they draft the next ordinance

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