KSN Threat Tracker for Wednesday, 8/27/14

Severe Threat

11:20PM Storms moving Northeast and weakening, gradually heading up into Nebraska. They may still produce heavy rain and gusty winds for a while longer in the KSN viewing area. Beware of high water in those areas that have received heavier rain–remember TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN.  The latest radar is right here on KSN.com anytime.

10:56PM Public report of 3.50″ of rain in Stockton in Rooks County. UPDATE 10:59PM Public report of 5.50″ of rain near Stockton.

10:44PM Tracking two areas of storms. One moving through Northcentral Kansas continues to produce very heavy rain and localized flooding. Minor street flooding just reported in Stockton in Rooks County. We also are monitoring a strong line coming into the Northwest corner of the KSN viewing area. It has shown a slight weakening trend but still will bring at least another round of heavy rain, small hail and gusty winds. We will track that storm’s progress and strength.

9:52PM Coming on KSN News at 10 we’ll track the rain and storms that are rolling across Kansas, and causing some flooding problems. Risk of large hail and high wind is low–but we are getting very heavy rain and more is moving into Northwest Kansas.

8:12PM Tracking storms in Central Kansas with a continuing threat for heavy rain and localized flooding. Stronger storms may also produce small hail and gusty winds. Storms are having less success in the Southern part of Kansas, and staying stronger in the North. Track them anytime with the latest radar here on KSN.com.

7:24PM County road covered by water near Sheridan Lake, in Sheridan County in Northwest Kansas.

7:14PM Street flooding is reported in Dighton, in Lane County. Flash Flood Warnings remain in effect for several counties but everyone should be alert to localized flooding. Storms are producing very heavy rain.

6:47PM Continuing to track storms in Central and Western Kansas. The stronger of the storms–with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings–may produce quarter size hail and 60mph winds in addition to very heavy rain. And in addition to the hail and wind threat, many storms are producing very heavy rain and this is causing localized flooding. A few Flash Flood Warnings are in effect–but anywhere the heavy rain is falling we urge caution. If you see high water, TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN! The latest radar is always right here on KSN.com.

6:12PM We’ve had another report of penny size hail – this time East of Monument in Logan County.

5:50PM Penny size hail along with heavy rain was reported in Satanta in Haskell County.

5:25PM One foot of water has been reported across county road 58, 5 miles South of Park in Gove County.

4:50PM There have been a few T-Storm warnings through this afternoon and currently quite a few storms in Western Kansas. We will track these storms in a few minutes on KSN at 5 as well as detail the severe threat for the rest of the evening and tonight.

3:44PM Still tracking showers and storms in Western Kansas. No indications of severe weather at this writing. But storms will be capable of heavy rain, dime to perhaps penny size hail, and 50mph wind.  The latest radar is always at your fingertips here on KSN.com.

2:58PM Warning for a storm near Hays was cancelled, as the storm collapsed. Continuing to track storms for the potential for further strengthening as we go through the afternoon and evening. Be connected and protected with our KSN Twitter feeds for warnings around the KSN viewing area:


2:26PM Stronger storms are starting to develop in Northwest and Northcentral Kansas. Hail and wind will continue to be concerns through this evening, but a few tornadoes are also possible in Northern Kansas along a warm front.

12:54PM Showers are now developing again across Northcentral Kansas. Get radar anytime here.

12:10PM We are tracking the threat for severe weather later today and tonight. Wind and hail are the main threats but a few tornadoes are also possible, especially North. Join us on KSN now for all of the details.

Threat Tracker

11:15AM Here is the new elevated risk area from the Storm Prediction Center for strong to severe storms this afternoon and into tonight.

Severe Threat

10:10AM Temperatures range from 67 degrees in Goodland to 84 degrees in Winfield. Wichita is at 80 and will most likely have one more day in the 90’s.

Kansas Temperatures

7:30AM We are still tracking an area of light to moderate rain in SW Kansas. No severe weather, just nice rain. It’s moving to the East but falling apart at the same time.  Still we will keep a chance of rain in the forecast for Wichita this morning and afternoon. Check your radar right here.

6:50AM It’s a beautiful start to a pretty nice day!! A few degrees cooler than yesterday and the sunrise is awesome!


5:30AM We are still in for another hot afternoon, but NOT AS HOT! That’s the good news!! We will still hit the 90’s in Wichita, but we are on the way back to the 80’s. Tune into Kansas Today for details on the cooler weather headed our way along with more rain chances.Quickcast Today NEW

4:50AM While there is no severe threat this morning we could see some strong to severe storms developing in NW Kansas later this afternoon and evening. KSN Meteorologists will be on duty as long as there is a threat of severe weather in the viewing area.

Threat Tracker 2

4:00AM We are still tracking some light to moderate rain in SW Kansas. There is no severe weather expected this morning but some nice rain is falling where it is needed in the SW. Click here to have a look at your local radar.

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