Cease-fire holds in Gaza

(AP Photo/Adel Hana)

JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel’s military says there are no reports of violations since a cease-fire with Hamas took effect yesterday evening. After more than seven weeks of fighting, the two sides settled for an interim agreement in exchange for a period of calm.

On both sides of the border today, many people are asking what was gained during the 50 days of fighting.

Israeli media are reporting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose not to put the cease-fire to a vote in his security Cabinet because of opposition from ministers who wanted to continue the fighting. And one security hawk, the country’s tourism minister, is accusing the leadership today of “wanting peace at any price.” He says that will weaken Israel’s ability to deal with militants.

In Gaza, life has been slowly returning to normal today. Traffic policemen took up positions in streets overwhelmed by vehicles carrying thousands of people back to the homes they had abandoned during the fighting.

Utility crews are struggling to repair electrical and water infrastructure that was damaged by weeks of Israeli airstrikes.

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