A bright future for Dodge City’s economy

DODGE CITY, Kansas – The economic future for Dodge City is bright according to a national agency, Policom Corporation, that looks at growth in cities and towns across the country.

“It’s the long term tendency for an area to grow in both size and quality in a consistent manner,” said Bill Fruth of Policom Corporation.

Dodge ranks 21st out of 536 micropolitan areas nationally, and was the highest rated Kansas town.

“What it shows is that we’re doing the right things in this community to address the livability issues and what the businesses need to support their growth,” said Joann Knight, the Executive Director of Dodge City, Ford County Development Corporation.

In the last six years Dodge has seen over 3,000 new jobs, and most recently the largest job growth has come from the Boot Hill Casino, which brought over 300 full time positions to the area.

While the town is doing well as a whole, retail stores like the Christian Book House say they’re not necessarily seeing the economic strength.

“Judging from our sales and our business flow, no.  It’s been very light,” said employee Dianna Blundell.

Knight said more retail would be great, but industry-based companies are responsible for the large job growth in the area.

“Yes we’d love to have more retail here, but it doesn’t create the high paying jobs that you need to sustain the long term economic base of the community,” said Knight.

Dodge is now working with the survey company to get an even more comprehensive look at the economic history of the area to see how they might improve even more.

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