Sen. Pat Roberts responds to August 26 KSN News Poll

WICHITA, Kansas — The incumbent Republican U.S. Senator from Kansas, Pat Roberts, was unavailable for an on-camera interview Tuesday after the latest KSN News Poll results were released.

His campaign however, provided KSN the following statements, in response to KSN’s elections questions.

According to the latest KSN News Poll, jobs are a big issue among likely voters in the race for U.S. Senate. KSN asked Sen. Roberts what experience he has, on the broad-scale, in creating jobs.

Sen. Roberts responded:

“Instead of the failed stimulus policies this President has put in place that drive us deeper into debt, we must establish policies to allow families to invest and save for the future. We need to encourage private-sector growth through fiscal discipline and job creation. My plan includes health care reforms that reduce costs and places patients in charge of their health decisions, an energy policy that makes us less dependent on foreign energy, spending cuts and reforms to address our debt, and new pro-growth tax policies that encourage innovation and investment, allowing U.S. business to compete in national and international markets.”

Obamacare is also a big issue for voters, as indicated in the KSN News Poll. KSN asked Sen. Roberts if he believes it should be changed and if so, how. To that, he responded in the same written statement:

“Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with a health care system that protects the religious values of Americans as well as protecting their ability to [choose] their own doctors and health care. I have voted to repeal and replace Obamacare at every opportunity and I have championed 29 initiatives to repeal and replace it.”

Immigration was another hot-topic among voters, particular those likely voters in Western Kansas. KSN asked the incumbent senator what his plan is concerning immigration. The senator responded:

“My voting record shows I have consistently opposed amnesty; voting against it every time. I stand firm on the principle that any discussion of immigration reform must begin with securing our borders to stop the influx of illegal immigrants entering our country. I will continue to support legislation that strengthens the security of our borders and ensures Americans are first in line for available jobs.”

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