KSN Threat Tracker for Tuesday, 8/26/14

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10:35PM Storms will continue to produce occasional heavy rain, small hail and gusty winds overnight. In those areas with heavy rain, be alert to high water in the overnight hours.

9:50PM Tracking storms in Western Kansas with some dime to penny size hail, torrential rain, and gusty winds. While the wind and hail threat are unlikely to become severe, the rain is a concern. Since it is coming over areas that have had a good soaking in recent days, flooding could very well occur. Don’t drive in to high water! TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN! Complete storm tracking on KSN News at 10, or catch the latest radar anytime here on KSN.com.

9:03PM As mentioned just a few minutes ago, flooding is a concern with heavy rain moving across areas that have had a good soaking in recent days. A Flash Flood Warning now in effect for Greeley County in Western Kansas.

8:49PM Strongest showers and storms we have are right out along the Kansas/Colorado line, moving North. They are bringing with them heavy rain, small hail and up to 45mph wind. Since this area received some pretty heavy rain in the last couple of days, we should be alert to some flooding. Remember if you see high water, TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!

7:57PM Showers and rumbles of thunder continue at this hour. We are tracking a few weaker showers in Central Kansas, and a little stronger storm moving North along the Kansas/Colorado line. Finally, another area is approaching Southcentral Kansas from Northern Oklahoma. None of these pose any immediate threat of severe weather, but of course we will continue to track them. You can too, of course, with the latest radar here on KSN.com.

6:40PM As clouds and showers moved into Wichita, the temperature dropped quite a bit. Now Wichita is at a milder 82 degrees (down from 90).

Kansas Temperatures

6:04PM We are still tracking showers and thunderstorms across Kansas. The latest in a few minutes on KSN at 6.

5:22PM The storm in Sedgwick Co. has weakened significantly. Moderate to heavy rain and gusty winds are still possible though.

4:54PM There is a strong storm Southwest of Downtown Wichita moving East at about 15mph. This storm is capable of wind gusts to 50mph. We will track this storm and others in a few minutes on KSN at 5.

4:01PM Some nice showers and storms across Southcentral Kansas–some just to the West and North of Wichita. No severe weather appears imminent, but there is a fair amount of cloud to ground lightning. Remember, WHEN THUNDER ROARS, GO INDOORS! Check the latest radar right here on KSN.com.

3:03PM While Wichita is having yet another sultry summer afternoon, others are experiencing heat relief! Here are the 3PM temperatures across Kansas. Remember, in the Southcentral and Southeastern parts of Kansas, the humidity will make it feel even more uncomfortable.

Temperatures as of 3PM Tuesday in Kansas
Temperatures as of 3PM Tuesday in Kansas

1:57PM We are tracking a few showers and rumbles of thunder in Kansas, including some that are just Northwest of Wichita. No immediate severe weather threat but it is possible that we could see a few stronger storms later today and tonight. Track the storms with the latest radar here on KSN.com,

\11:52AM Feeling warm again in Wichita – like 87 degrees when humidity is taken into account. The actual air temp is 85. Still quite cool in Northwest Kansas…only 68 degrees in Goodland.

Kansas Feels Like Temperatures

10:30AM There are still a few showers in Northwest Kansas and Southwest Nebraska. There are also a few showers moving into Southwest Kansas. Many of us will be dry for much of the day, but more showers and storms will develop this afternoon and evening. Some storms could be on the stronger side. Get radar anytime here.

8:30AM Doppler radar can see more than just rain… Due to last night’s storms there are a number of outflow boundaries created in the wake of those storms… Here’s a screen capture of one moving through Wichita. The atmosphere is just like an ocean made of air. This is just like a wake left behind a big ship… In this case that big ship was a thunderstorm.

KSN Earth

7:20AM Back in 2000 Wichita hit its record high of 108!! We won’t be that hot today but our forecast of 99 is still well above our seasonal average.

7:00AM Our heat wave is slowly but surely coming to an end! And along with milder daytime highs comes better chances of rain for SC Kansas!

weather story

6:20AM We’re off to a fairly mild start to the day, have a look!! Get your outside work done early if possible since the upper 90’s and maybe triple digits will return by this afternoon.

KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

5:00AM Can you find the front?? Our sizzling summertime heat continued yesterday across most of the state as you can see… NW parts of our viewing area had the benefit of the cooler air thanks to a cold front… Unfortunately that front stalled before it could make it’s way across the rest of the state…Today we will be almost as hot!

KSN Climo-Highs Yesterday PINPOINT

4:30AM We are tracking some showers and a few storms mainly across Western Kansas this morning, although widespread severe weather is anticipated today, storm chances will linger into the later afternoon hours. With another hot day in store some storms later this afternoon could become strong to severe. Click here for your local radar.

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