Jean Schodorf responds to August 26 KSN News Poll

WICHITA, Kansas — The Democratic challenger in the race for Kansas Secretary of State, Jean Schodorf, spoke on camera Tuesday at the KSN studio, after the latest KSN News Poll results were released.

In response to the results, Schodorf said she is “extremely happy,” even “thrilled.”

“We have been working so hard on this race and this election, talking to people visiting the state,” said Schodorf. “What I’ve learned about Kansans [is that] they’re extremely independent, they’re intelligent, and they make up their own minds; doing their research, and people are looking at this race deciding they want a full-time Secretary of State who works in Kansas and stays in Kansas,” she said.

Regarding Voter ID:

Schodorf told KSN that there are two parts to the voter citizenship law.

“There’s the I.D. part and that’s showing identification at the polls,” she explained. “People do support that, and I support it secure. I still support secure elections, and one of the ways we do that is securing our elections with voter I.D.,” said Schodorf.

“The other thing is voter registration and there’s a huge, huge hole in the law that has created 20,000 people unable to register to vote, even though they are citizens,” Schodorf said. “Many of them are grandparents and kids going back to college.”

Schodorf told KSN that the registrations part needs to be fixed “to help the people simplify the way they prove their citizenship.”

If elected Secretary of State, Schodorf said she will, “simplify the way to help people prove their citizenship.”

“What we need to do is make sure our procedures are followed when we have our elections so they are fair and they’re secure,” Schodorf said. “What we need to do and what is not being done.”

“We’ve had problems of training poll workers in the last election, this last primary election, we have to make sure our poll workers are trained so they can follow regulations and look at I.D.s and ensure everything is okay,” she said. “The most important thing is we need to be able to count the votes and make sure there are audits so we know the elections are secure,” continued Schodorf.

“We’re 43rd in the nation for performance on elections,” said Schodorf. “If you look at Minnesota, they are number two in the nation of election performance, and they audit their elections.”

“We have to make sure our elections are secure, that people can depend on that the results are accurate, and we do that by auditing the results. But, the most important thing is a full time Secretary of State will be here to try to solve problems, and that’s what I will do,” said Schodorf.

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