More rain forecast for wildfire-singed Washington

TWISP, Wash. (AP) — Residents of an area of north-central Washington state beset by wildfires and mudslides have one eye on the sky today as they await possible new headaches.

A slow-moving front bringing heavy rain and thunder is expected to arrive, just days after flash floods destroyed at least 10 homes and closed down highways.

The danger is heightened because of hillsides left barren by wildfires.

Damage to homes from the storms Thursday evening included mud, rushing water and the powerful force of the two together. No deaths or injuries have been reported.

The multiple slides had marooned as many as a dozen vehicles, but occupants were rescued.

The slides and flooding hit hard in areas burned by this summer’s Carlton Complex wildfires. The fires burned more than 400 square miles, making it the largest wildfire in the state’s history.


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