KSN Threat Tracker for Thursday, 8/21/14

Critical reminders as the heat continues!
Critical reminders as the heat continues!

10:20PM Storms will continue moving Northeast, exiting the KSN viewing area. Additional severe weather is not expected–but as mentioned below, they are still good strong summer storms. So, watch for heavy rain, small hail and gusty winds.

9:48PM Storms continue in the far Northcentral part of our viewing area, and they are moving Northeast. No severe weather is anticipated but storms will produce heavy rain, small hail, and gusty winds. On KSN News at 10, we’ll track the storms, and we’ll track the heat, which will hang around for a couple more days! The latest radar anytime here on KSN.com.

8:56PM Still tracking some stronger storms in Northcentral Kansas–but no warnings as of this writing. Heavy rain, dime to penny size hail, and 50mph winds possible from North of Russell all the way to the Nebraska state line. Remember the easiest way to follow severe weather is with our Twitter feeds. Follow:


and you can get warnings for your part of Kansas!

8:01PM Warning for Smith County has expired, as the storm weakened and moved out of Smith County completely. Meantime we continue to track a few other strong storms, especially one that is affecting Southern Rooks County, into Western Osborne County. Penny to nickel size hail and 50mph winds are possible. In addition heavy rainfall over this area for quite a while will likely cause some localized flooding. A good time to remind everyone TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!

7:20PM Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Smith County, but only the very far Northeast corner of the County is involved. Threat for hail and wind will move Northeast out of the county soon. Also tracking strong storms in the Texas panhandle that may move up into the Oklahoma panhandle. Track the storms anytime with the latest radar right here on KSN.com.

6:34PM Tracking strong to severe storms moving northeast into the Oklahoma Panhandle, strong wind gusts are the primary concern with these storms as well as nickel to quarter sized hail.

5:45PM Still keeping a close eye on storm development from southwest to northcentral Kansas… so far not a whole lot of success. We’re tracking it all as well as the heat and humidity, join us on KSN News at 6 for more!

4:49PM We’re tracking a couple showers and storms in southwest Kansas as well as extreme heat and humidity across the state. Join us on KSN News at 5 for the latest.

4:05PM Several communities in the KSN viewing area have touched triple digits this afternoon. Wichita stands at 98F. But when when you factor in the humidity, it is truly stifling! Here’s a look at the 4PM Feels Like, or Heat Index, map:

Here is the combined effect of heat and humidity at 4PM in Kansas.
Here is the combined effect of heat and humidity at 4PM in Kansas.

3:01PM Our first triple digit of the afternoon is on the map in the KSN viewing area. Hutchinson claims that distinction! Wichita is *only* 98F. There will be a couple more days with a chance at triple digit heat, at least. Remember your forecast is always right here on KSN.com.

1:52PM A tough combination of heat and humidity again today. Here is the Feels Like or Heat Index map of Kansas for this hour. BEAT THE HEAT, CHECK THE BACK SEAT!

Feels Like or Heat Index Temps in Kansas at 1PM.
Feels Like or Heat Index Temps in Kansas at 1PM.

12:29PM Hot and mostly dry conditions will continue into this weekend. Breezy south to southwest winds can be expected during the day. Join us on KSN News at Noon for more on the weekend forecast!

10:45AM It’s feeling pretty miserable out there with heat indices sitting in the high 80s and low 90s. A few leftover morning showers are tracking northeast out of Kansas into Nebraska.

9:58AM Afternoon temperatures will range from mid 90s to around 100 degrees over the next few days. A chance for thunderstorms will also be possible each evening, especially across western and north central Kansas.

8:15AM Eventually our heat will break and when it does the the chance of stronger storms will return by the weekend.

weather story

8:00AM On this day in Weather History: Back in 1989, afternoon and evening severe thunderstorms struck the Northern and Central Plains from North Dakota to Kansas. The severe thunderstorms that tore through North Central Kansas slammed Wilson Dam with gusts around 105 mph between 9 and 10 PM.

7:40AM We’ll have a chance of a few (very few) showers or storms in NC and SW KS today. While widespread severe weather is NOT anticipated a few of these storms could become strong. We will be tracking them from the Weather Center and you can get a look at your radar by clicking here.

6:45AM We are off to a clear, breezy and slightly muggy start to our day!!



6:00AM We will add a few more degrees to the forecast today… Temps statewide will be at or near 100 degrees and the heat index will range between 100-105. Don’t let your pets suffer in the summer sun, bring them inside during the midday heat.

Quickcast Today NEW

5:30AM A few showers and storms dotting the radar this AM. Nothing severe although we will continue to monitor anything that develops.

4:30AM The heat is on and we will ramp it up a few more degrees today!! We are also tracking a few showers and a storm or two in NC Kansas. (Click Here for radar). Join us on Kansas Today for a first look at your forecast and headlines!



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