College rents hotel to compensate for full dorms

LINDSBORG, Kansas – At Bethany College in Lindsborg, the dorms are so full that the college rented out a hotel to give a place for students to live.

The president of the college has been trying to grow enrollment, and the past two years the number of students jumped to almost 750 students, compared to 530 a few years ago. The students who stay at the Coronado hotel wanted to stay there and they say they like having the bigger beds, and there’s only one drawback.

“I think it’s awesome actually, I love it, the only bad thing is walking from Coronado to the school, we have to leave earlier than we normally have,” said student Fred White.

The school is working on building a new dorm which will be open in August next year, and they’re building it bigger than they need.

Bethany College is trying to build their enrollment to 1,000 students by the year 2021.

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