KSN Threat Tracker for Wednesday, 8/20/14

KSN_RPM_Jul 2014

9:49PM Nice to still see some in Western Kansas getting a little bit of heat relief and much appreciated rain. We’ll track the showers and rumbles–and show you who the lucky people are–on KSN News at 10. We’ll also track the heat–looking at how long it will take to break this little heat wave. If you are away from your TV, track the storms anytime right here on KSN.com with the latest radar.

9:05PM Still tracking some showers and rumbles of thunder in Western Kansas. No indication of severe weather at this writing–just rain and a bit of small hail, with some gusty wind. Unfortunately those showers won’t reach all of the KSN viewing area! Track the storms anytime with the latest radar here on KSN.com.

8:03PM Still sultry this evening as you can tell by our 8PM Kansas Temperatures!

8PM Temperatures in Kansas
8PM Temperatures in Kansas

7:20PM There was a report of quarter size hail near Culbertson, NE, but that storm has weakened and exited the KSN viewing area. So once again no warnings in effect but we are still tracking some showers and storms in the Northwest part of Kansas and Southwest Nebraska. Small hail and gusty winds still possible.

6:40PM No warnings effect at this time. Storms in Northwest Kansas will still be capable of small hail and gusty winds. We are continuing to track them for any further severe weather potential.

5:49PM Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for several counties now in Northwest Kansas. Nickel to quarter size hail and 50-60mph wind the threat.  We’ll track them on KSN News at 6. Radar anytime right here on KSN.com.

4:50PM We are tracking a couple of showers and storms in Northwest Kansas that may produce a little small hail and gusty winds. On KSN News at 5, we’ll take a closer look at those and track how long we will be dealing with the big heat of August! Away from your TV–no worries. Your forecast is always right here on KSN.com.

3:04PM The combination of heat and humidity is really building across Kansas. Remember to also provide outdoor pets with shade and plenty of water!  Here’s the 3PM Feels Like, or Heat Index, temperature map for Kansas:

The Feels Like or Heat Index readings for 3PM in Kansas
The Feels Like or Heat Index readings for 3PM in Kansas

2:26PM 94F at Wichita at 2PM–another good day to remind everyone to BEAT THE HEAT, CHECK THE BACKSEAT!

1:51PM Temperatures in the KSN viewing area in the 90s and climbing fast. The combined effects of heat and humidity are making it even more uncomfortable. Here is a look at the 1PM readings:

1PM Temps in Kansas
1PM Temps in Kansas

12:48PM Heating up quickly outside! No turning back from here… We do have a gusty south wind but it’s not bringing relief from the heat. Stay hydrated and please keep your pets inside and out of this summer heat!

11:23AM Warm temperatures continue for the next several days. Afternoon heat indices will rise about 100 degrees. Remember to beat the heat, check the back seat!

10:06AM A very warm start to the day with temperatures sitting in the 80s across the state. A few spotty showers are tracking across far northwest Kansas at this hour.

8:00AM On this date in weather history: In 1933, three short lived, but strong, tornadoes moved across parts of Harper, Sumner and Kingman counties. Fortunately they remained in rural areas.

6:35AM The sunrise this morning is much prettier than the forecast this afternoon!



6:15AM Warm start at the bus stop this morning and a hot ride home.


6:00AM We are pushing the triple digits today… Not record territory, but hot enough. Our record high for this date was set back in 2001 when the temps hit 106

5:45AM Not a lot of wind yet but we are expecting SW winds to get gusty by this afternoon.

KSN Winds 2013

5:30AM As your getting up and planning your day you might as well plan for another afternoon of extreme heat!

4:00AM We are tracking a few spotty showers in NW Kansas this morning. Nothing widespread or strong. (Click here for radar)  Otherwise we are starting off the day with warm and humid conditions. Under sunny skies with gusty SW winds we will be just as hot if not even hotter this afternoon. Stay hydrated and please keep your pets inside and out of this summer heat. KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

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