Wichita man gets first-hand account of violence in Ferguson

WICHITA, Kansas – Just 24 hours ago, Jason Edwards was in his hometown of Ferguson, Missouri.

“It’s just unreal.”

Jason was shocked by what he saw.

“I mean it was like being in a war zone, and it didn’t even look like it was the same place.”

Now living in Wichita with his wife and kids, he visited his mother, Norma, over the weekend.

She lives across the street from the QuikTrip that was destroyed during riots last week.

“I’m seeing her car in the driveway, I said this can’t be happening, this has to be a bad dream, this has to be a nightmare, this has to be something I gotta wake up with, it can’t be real, but when you start seeing those little armored trucks coming down the street,” said Edwards.

Edwards went to Ferguson to check on his mother.

After a week of violence, he tried to leave Sunday night but was forced back into the house by police following curfew.

He wasn’t able to leave until early Monday morning.

“All you kept hearing the crowds saying is ‘hands up don’t shoot’ to the police and they just keep marching towards the police, marching towards until the armored trucks came out and then you see tear gas, then you see rubber bullets getting shot at people, and all I could think of is this the same place that I grew up?”

The area is still heavily militarized to handle all the protestors, riots, and looting happening. It is a far cry from what Edwards remembers of his childhood.

“Those are all my childhood memories and just to see things just get tore down and burned down and looted and shooting and tear gas it just after awhile, after helping I couldn’t do nothing but cry.”

Edwards has his concerns about what will happen as the situation continues to unfold.

He’s hopeful that if residents get answers, they’ll be able to see things settle down.

If that doesn’t happen, he says he’s ready to return to Ferguson to ensure his family’s safety.

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