Reno County Sheriff’s Department remembers deputy

Jail Deputy Shawn Schellenger (Courtesy: Reno County Sheriff's Department)

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – Shawn Schellinger was new to the Reno County Sheriff’s Department, but he was already a valuable member of the team.

“He’s going to be remembered as a positive person in this agency, he was an officer who came in, did his job, kept his nose clean, provided well for his family, and provided for his country,” said Sheriff Randy Henderson.

Shawn and his wife Danielle were in Great Bend on Saturday, planning a group motorcycle ride for Labor Day, when a trailer un-hitched from a truck, crossed into the intersection and crashed into them, causing fatal injuries.

“It’s still under investigation, Kansas Highway Patrol is assisting us in investigating the accident and sending in some experts to help, with some measurements in the hitch and the ball to see if it properly functions,” said Lt. William Browne of the Great Bend Police Department.

Schellinger’s co-workers are shocked by the loss.

“It’s a very tragic event, one that in law enforcement you always have underlying in your mind that you could get injured or killed in the line of duty and when a situation like this crops up, it kinda hits everyone a little bit differently,” said Henderson.

Shawn and his wife Danielle were both military veterans who had served in Iraq, before Shawn joined the Reno County Sheriff’s Department less than a year ago.

“He spent time in theatres of war, and survived that to come home and be killed in a tragic accident, doing what he loved to do riding a motorcycle,” said Henderson.

A fund has been set up for the Schellinger’s two children, Warren, 5 and Dominique 7. You can take donations to the First National Bank in Hutchinson or to the Reno County Sheriff’s office.

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