Purse snatching knock-out

ORLANDO, Florida (WESH) – An elderly Florida woman is recovering after a brutal purse-snatching that left her unconscious.

Charlotte Dunaway, 74, was knocked out when her purse was ripped from her hands inside a Publix grocery store in Ocoee.

“I was knocked unconscious and have no memory of what happened,” Dunaway said.

Scarlett Root, Dunaway’s daughter, had strong words for the attackers.

“Nobody injures our mother and is just going to run off,” Root said. “You picked the wrong family to mess with.”

“Doesn’t anybody have a conscience?” said Kristi Tilton, another of Dunaway’s children. “You want to be a punk? Go out there and pick on somebody your own age.”

Dunaway was released from the hospital recently and has a list of injuries that require follow-up care during the coming weeks.

“This left hand is swollen and extremely sore,” Dunaway said. “And (I have) some discomfort from my head from the brain trauma.”

While Dunaway focuses on recovering, her daughters are pleading to the public for help to find the attackers.

“What is society coming to when a woman can’t walk into the grocery store with her purse on her arm without feeling like she has to look over her shoulder because someone might attack her?” Tilton said.

“Make yourself some fast, easy money and tell who he is. You can do it anonymously. You’ll get a bigger payoff than he got.”


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