KSN Threat Tracker for Monday, 8/18/14

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11:58PM Warning for Osborne County will be allowed to expire at 12AM. Storms still may produce 50mph wind and small hail.

11:14PM 71mph wind gust reported at Stockton, in Rooks County.

11:10PM 60mph winds are possible now in Osborne and Rooks Counties. Warning just issued.

10:53PM No warnings in effect at this writing in the KSN viewing area. Storms are becoming less numerous and weakening but there is still one area, in Northcentral Kansas, where we could see penny to nickel size hail and 50mph winds. This storm will affect parts of Smith, Rooks and Osborne Counties.

9:56PM Warnings continue on storms in Northwest Kansas. Quarter to even up to golfball hail is possible, along with 60mph winds. Full tracking details on KSN at 10. Radar anytime here on KSN.com.

9:24PM Golfball sized hail now reported at Benkelman, NE.

9:21PM Quarter sized hail and a measured wind gust of 61mph reported at Benkelman, NE.

8:56PM And here’s proof we need to keep an eye on things–another warning issued for a strong storm approaching Benkelman, NE.

8:55PM We continue to track storms across Kansas, with a few strong ones in Northwest Kansas. At this writing, no warnings–the only one we had was just cancelled. However, we could still see some penny to nickel size hail and 50mph wind from the stronger cells. We will continue to track the storms and keep you updated. You can follow along with the latest radar anytime here on KSN.com.

7:53PM Tracking scattered showers and storms in the KSN viewing area, some occasionally strong enough to produce small hail and gusty winds. Some more storms will move in from Eastern Colorado and Western Nebraska–and these are also a bit on the strong side. We will continue to track the threat.  Remember, you can keep up with severe weather for your part of Kansas with our Twitter feeds.  Follow:





5:59PM We’re on the air with KSN News at 6, tracking showers and storms in Southern and Western Kansas. One storm has a warning–in the Northwest part of Kansas. Nickel to quarter size hail, and 50-60mph wind are possible with a storm South of Oakley. The latest also available here anytime.

4:50PM We are tracking scattered showers and storms from Southcentral Kansas to the Western part of the state. No warnings are in effect as of now, but storms may produce heavy rain, small hail, and 40-50mph winds. Tune in to KSN at 5 for the latest.

4:08PM The combination of heat and humidity just keeps getting worse across Kansas! Take heat precautions if you will be working or playing out of doors! And, remember to provide shade and water for outdoor pets.

Feels like or Heat Index Temps at 4PM in Kansas.
Feels like or Heat Index Temps at 4PM in Kansas.

2:36PM It’s a hot afternoon! Factoring in relative humidity, we all feel like we are in the mid to upper 90s and it even feels like 100 degrees at Medicine Lodge. Wichita’s actual temperature is 89 degrees but feels like 95 with the humidity.

Kansas Feels Like Temperatures - 2pm

1:00PM We knew the mild start to August couldn’t last the whole month. This week will be a hot one as temperatures will remain in the upper 90s through Friday. Normal for this time of year is 91 degrees.

Temp Changes

12:08PM Already warm out there and it’s only going to get warmer. Find out how long this August heat will last in a few minutes on KSN.


10:18AM It’s a warm morning out there with sun and high clouds in Wichita.

Wichita Currents

7:30AM Temps already warming into the upper 60’s and low 70’s and it’s not even 8AM yet!


KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

6:30AM Overnight showers have come to an end. Officially Wichita picked up .31″ of rain overnight. In the wake of the rain we are left with a beautiful Sunrise.


6:00AM Highs in the upper 90’s today combined with high humidity means another hot hot hot afternoon for Kansas.

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5:35AM Still a few showers lingering in SW Kansas. Welcome rain will come to an end as the showers move SE and out of the viewing area over the next few hours.

5:30AM The kids won’t have to worry about dodging rain drops at the bus stop this morning but no one avoids the heat.


5:00AM Here is a look at how hot we got yesterday… Today we will be just as hot if not a little hotter!

KSN Climo-Highs Yesterday PINPOINT

4:00AM The heat will return today, in fact we will probably be a few degrees hotter than we were yesterday, add in the humidity and heat indexes should range between 100-105 degrees. Please remember your pets in this extreme heat and bring them inside.

3:40AM There are still a few showers and storms lingering across extreme SC Kansas and also scattered showers and a few storms in SW Kansas. All rain is moving SE and there is no longer any threat of severe weather. For a look at your local radar click here.

2:30AM Light showers continue to taper off across Sedgwick County. Stronger storms continue to the SE of the Metro area but no further severe weather is expected.

1:28PM There aren’t any active Severe T-Storms currently, but storms are still moving through Central Kansas. Gusty winds are still expected.

12:48AM A Severe T-Storm Warning has been issued for Sedgwick, Reno and Kingman Counties until 1:30AM. Wind to 60mph and hail to quarter size are the main concerns. Get radar anytime here.

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