High school athletes return to practice in hot summer heat

WICHITA, Kansas – The return of school means high school athletes across the state are hitting the practice field. They will be dealing with temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s all week, posing a safety threat.

The state of Kansas sets practice mandates when it’s that hot, limiting time outside to a maximum of two hours.

KSN caught up with athletes and coaches at Heights High School in Wichita as players took to the field for the first full practice of the season.

In addition to taking regularly scheduled water breaks under the hot summer sun, coaches and trainers are keeping an eye on several tell tale signs of heat exhaustion in an effort to keep student athletes safe.

“Clammy skin, shortness of breath that sort of thing but we build so many water breaks onto our schedules that our guys, they’ll be just fine and they know how to take care of themselves, “said Heights High school football coach Terry Harrison.

Doctors say it can be a challenge to monitor those signs.

“It’s really common for people especially when they are either doing activities they really like or they are doing something where they don’t want to be thought weak or thought like they are doing less than the other guy they’ll have a tendency to hide these symptoms,” said Dr. Christopher Klouzek with the KU Medical School in Wichita.

USD 259 has no plans to move practice to after dark like they’ve done in other states, including Texas.

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