New private school to open doors Monday

WICHITA, KS- 7 year old Mason Bell is already reading at a 7th grade level.

“Some words are challenging for me and I try to figure them out.”

On Monday he will start 2nd grade at a new school.

“I’m going to Urban Prep.”

Urban Preparatory Academy, the name is new, but the building might look familiar. In 2012 Mueller Elementary closed its doors as part of a cost cutting measure for the district, so Christian Faith Centre bought it. Shelling out $40,000 to create a school tailored to provide a cost efficient private school experience for grades k through 5th.

The cost, a little over $300 a month.

“It’s going to be fun, exciting, and great.”

“I looked at home schooling, looked at magnet schools, we looked at other private schools,” said Mason’s mom Anitra.

Anitra and her husband Larry say they decided to take a chance on the new school after noticing their son’s declining interest in class work.  So they took advantage of Kansas becoming the 24th state to allow publicly funded private school choice.

At Urban Prep, Mason will share a teacher with kindergartners and first graders all in one class room. While 3rd through 5th share another. A host of volunteers will work with students in p.e. computer classes, and much more.

“We saw this as a good opportunity for him to get into a smaller class size to really work on those things that would be beneficial for him in the long run,” said Anitra.

School officials say they hope businesses will take advantage of the new tax incentive set to take effect January 1st, which will help give more parents and children an option .

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