Naked man brandishing sword threatens apartment residents

ATLANTIC BEACH, Florida (WAWS) – Police were called to an apartment complex Saturday to handle a screaming naked man with a sword.

This is what Jacob Jaquett saw as he was trying to help a friend move.

A naked man wielding a three to four foot sword waving it at people in the parking lot.

“I was honestly kind of scared cause I didn’t know what he had with him or what was going on,” said Jaquett.

Jaquett said the man began charging people and screaming at them.

The reporter reached out to the Sheriff’s Office multiple times to get more information, but the only information they provided was that there was a call to service at this complex and couldn’t tell us anything else.

The rest of the story was told to by Jaquett who said other members of the complex were able to get the man to put the sword down.

“Luckily, a man was there that was in the navy I think and he kind of subdued the guy and, eventually, got him to drop the sword and then tackled him to the ground and waited until the cops came.”

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