National Guard on border, but not Perry’s 1,000

Immigration Overload National Guard
Immigration Overload National Guard (AP Photo/Christopher Sherman)

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — In coming weeks, Texas National Guardsmen on two separate missions will be working along the Texas-Mexico border.

The Texas National Guard said Friday that several dozen troops who began manning observation towers this week are part of an ongoing counterdrug mission but not included in Gov. Rick Perry’s order to deploy up to 1,000 guardsmen on the border.

Master Sgt. Ken Walker says he was mistaken when he said Thursday that the soldiers were part of the 1,000 troops.

Walker says that troops deployed for both missions will have some similar observational roles, but are paid for through separate funding streams.

The larger deployment will be part of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s “Operation Strong Safety.” The arrival date for troops on that mission is unknown.

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