Shocker Hall to open to students this week

WICHITA, Kansas – As Wichita State gets ready for another school year, hundreds of students will have some new digs on-campus.

One thing is for sure at Shocker Hall: it is far from the average college residence hall. With amenities like multiple cable TV and Wi-Fi connections, lounges and on-site kitchens and laundry facilities, more than 700 students will have a top-notch on-campus living experience.

“We’ve had residence halls that have been 50 years old here, so to have something this fresh and this new on central campus is amazing,” WSU housing director Steve Larson said.

As classes start on Monday, students are starting to get acquainted with their new home on-campus.

“The old style residence halls where you stared at your roommate when you slept and woke up, now the concept is you get a little more privacy but still a shared space,” Larson said. “A lot of rooms have a little different angle, a little different approach to it, so the students can decorate it and feel like it’s their space, and it’s a little different, and that’s okay. Not every room is the same.”

No more than four students will share a bathroom. There’s a dining hall across the lobby, and a lounge with foosball and a pool table. There’s a central courtyard that can host activities, and cooking and laundry areas.

University officials call it a bold step toward building more of a traditional college experience at Wichita State.

“It really set a precedent for what we’re trying to accomplish here,” Larson said. “We’re going to build a stronger sense of residential community here, I think we’re going to attract students we never attracted before because we have such great facilities.”

It took workers around 16 months to complete Shocker Hall. They were worried about the weather cooperating with construction crews, but are happy that it’s complete on-time.

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