KSN Threat Tracker for Tuesday, 8/12/14

Threat Tracker 2

9:49PM Wichita’s normal high temperature for this time of year is 92F–but it will be several more days before we get back to that! And the heat will return just as we get to the weekend. Check your outdoor plans with us on KSN News at 10, or anytime right here on KSN.com.

8:56PM Another gorgeous and comfortable night in Kansas. Many can get away with giving the AC a rest–good sleepin’ weather on the way! Good Sleepin’ Weather: overnight low in the 50s, low relative humidity, and light winds. Enjoy!

5:55PM We are hard at work in the Storm Tracker 3 Weather Center….enjoying the beautiful and quiet weather! But things will change as we head into the weekend. So join us on KSN News at 6 to check your plans–or anytime right here on KSN.com.

4:50PM We have hotter temperatures on tap for parts of Kansas tomorrow and storm chances in time to wrap up the work week and head into the weekend. Get the details on KSN at 5.

3:36PM A few clouds have developed in Western Kansas but they are just fair weather clouds–unfortunately no moisture in our forecast for a couple more days. Of course, storms will return, so make sure you are ready with our Twitter feeds of warnings!  Based on our custom forecast areas, you can follow the warnings for your part of Kansas: 

You can get severe weather alerts from KSN via Twitter!
You can get severe weather alerts from KSN via Twitter!

2:26PM Once again today we are basking in the glory of a beautiful AND comfortable August afternoon! Things are really pleasant as you can see with the 2PM temperatures:

A really comfortable August afternoon! 2PM temperatures.
A really comfortable August afternoon! 2PM temperatures.

1:02PM After today we have a few more days below “normal” before slightly hotter weather returns.

Next Few Days

12:00PM We have another beautiful afternoon ahead of us, but changes are coming for the second half of the week. Get all the details in a few minutes on KSN at Noon.

10:15AM Temps are pleasant this morning…still in the 70’s across the state.

Kansas Temperatures

8:00AM We’ve got a few more dry days ahead but more rain in the forecast… Still Wichita is running ahead of normal for August rain amounts… Our normal rainfall so far this month should be around 1.24″… To date we are at 1.76″.

7:19AM You can still see a beautiful full moon in the Western skies. Here are a few screen captures from our MetroCam





6:45AM Highs in the mid 80’s are always welcome in Kansas, and when you look at how hot it could be this time of year the 80’s feel even better!! Consider our record high for this date is 114 set back in 1936!!

6:20AM Later this week our storm tracker will have some storms to track but today it’s sunshine and smooth sailing.


6:00AM With stable high pressure in control of our weather today there is no severe weather threat at all.

Threat Tracker 2

5:20AM Clear skies this morning mean sunny skies this afternoon, but even with all that sun, the August heat will stay at bay for a little longer.

Quickcast Today NEW

4:30AM Kids are back in school today!! Watch out for them at the bus stops this morning… As for the day’s forecast, it’s an A+!


4:00AM Our Tuesday is off to a great start. Clear and very mild this morning, you can even give the A/C a break for a while this morning! High’s this afternoon will climb back into the mid 80’s with light winds. As good as it gets in August.

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