Job fairs a positive signs for the air capital


WICHITA, KS-  2014 was not expected to be a good year for the aerospace industry in the air capital. Growth was forecasted to be negative 6%. This is a down grade made by experts at the beginning of the year after several companies made major layoffs. But now researchers suggest there are indicators pointing towards a better environment for the labor market with job fairs popping up more frequently.

“Having this job opening these job fairs trying to start matching some of the talent is definitely a big shift in what we’ve seen in the last 5 years,” said WSU Economic Development Researcher Jeremy Hill.

“It’s great, especially in this job economy,” said Victor Mitchell. “We know that it’s pretty tough out there especially for those that are very skilled and with many other people that are here as well the goal is to be able to try to make it towards that next stage.”

On Saturday Mitchell joined hundreds at Spirit Aero systems. The company was looking for sheet metal assembly mechanics to keep up with an increased demand. Days later, Lee Aerospace is looking to do the same.

Over the last few weeks the company has been hosting small job fairs. They hope to fill a 15-20 position which is a positive sign for researchers.

Hill says production workers tend to work overtime. The average is 44.7 hours a week. This has become costly in overtime for companies forcing many to hire.

“So when labor force goes up we’re bare bones they have to hire to go forward and thats a really good sign.”

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