Garden City police arrest two for abuse against foster children

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – The Garden City Police Department says Glenda and Stacy Griffin are now behind bars arrested on suspicion of abuse of foster children in a case that spans years.

“Discipline is one thing, but the physical abuse that was alleged to have occurred is criminal,” said Captain Randy Ralston, Garden City Police Department.

The investigation began back in April when the Department of Children and Families forwarded them a tip.

After a four month investigation, police said the issue goes back to 2008 and allegedly involves eight foster children.

Now Glenda Griffin, a social worker, is arrested on nine counts of suspected abuse of a child and one count of suspected aggravated child endangerment.

Stacy Griffin is arrested on two counts of suspected abuse of a child.

The DCF says the Griffins, like all foster parents in Kansas, underwent background checks and health screenings when they became foster parents.

The agency takes the allegation very seriously.

“As soon as we hear those sorts of allegations, to look into the matter promptly and ensure that the children are in a safe environment as soon as possible,” said Theresa Freed, DCF Director of Communications.

The two were arrested last week.

Police say none of the foster kids were in their care when the arrests were made.

“It’s a bad deal all the way around, because these children obviously to be placed in foster care are dealing with some sort of traumatic incident, or something happened in their life already,” said Ralston.

Both remain in jail.

Glenda Griffin on a $300,000 bond and Stacy Griffin on a $100,000 bond.

Abuse of a Child 08-11-14

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