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9:46PM Such a sweet night–just a few fair weather clouds and comfortable temperatures. But enjoy the break from “real” August because the heat will return for the weekend. And, storms may return as well. Check your weekend plans with us on KSN News at 10, or anytime right here on KSN.com.

8:05PM Delightful evening across Kansas. The few sprinkles and showers we were tracking earlier have died and we are enjoying truly comfortable temperatures for August! Here’s how nice it is:

What a great evening! 8PM temps.
What a great evening! 8PM temps.

5:50PM What spectacular weather for August–beautiful and comfortable! Of course it won’t last forever–“real” August will return soon. And we are tracking just a few sprinkles and showers in the far Western part of our viewing area. Check out our forecast on KSN at 6, or anytime here on KSN.com.

5:21PM Couple of showers in the Oklahoma panhandle. And, there are a couple in Northeast Colorado that may make it into the Northwest part of the KSN viewing area. Check out the latest radar here on KSN.com.

4:52PM If you enjoyed the weather today, you’ll love the forecast we have for the week ahead! Join us for KSN News at 5 in just a few minutes to get all of the details!

3:02PM What a wonderful afternoon for the month of August! Hope you can get out and enjoy these comfortable temperatures!

Enjoy a comfortably warm afternoon!
Enjoy a comfortably warm afternoon!

1:54PM Love it when we can write weather headlines like this in August!

A quick look ahead at this week's Wichita weather
A quick look ahead at this week’s Wichita weather

1:02PM Here’s a look at Wichita’s forecast for the rest of the day. The rest of the afternoon will be nice and quiet – followed by a mild night.


12:30PM Temperatures are now up in the 70’s and 80’s…warm, but not too hot at all!

Kansas Temperatures

10:50PM It’s a nice morning with lots of sun and only a few clouds. Wichita is now up to 80 degrees.

Downtown Wichita

7:00AM Enjoy the mild Monday morning that awaits you!

KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

6:05AM Our sunrise is as beautiful as our forecast! Monday is off to a great start!!



5:45AM Back in 1936 Wichita set it’s record high of 112… Imagine what that was like without A/C!? Your A/C won’t get much of a workout today with highs only reaching the mid 80’s. Tonight you might even be able to turn it off and open the windows.

4:30AM A Northerly breeze will continue to bring in mild and less humid air across the state today… It’s shaping up to be a great forecast for the next few days. Rain chances along with August heat return by mid-week.Daypart AM

4:00AM We are off to a very mild start today and your Monday is going to be beautiful and mild for an August afternoon!! It’s hard to beat sunshine and highs in the 80’s!!

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