Fight outside of bar escalates into bizarre car chase

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police report that a fight broke out between two individuals outside of a bar in NW Wichita that led to a pursuit involving multiple vehicles.

The incident happened around 1:50a.m. on Sunday at Rocco’s Bar at 4300 W. Central.

Sgt. Ed Bower of the Wichita Police Department reported that a 29-year-old black male, who is the victim in this story, was stabbed in the neck by a 22-year-old white male, who will be named the suspect for this story.

The suspect quickly fled the scene in a Grand Marquis, and the victim pursued him in a white SUV. Several other cars were struck in the parking lot as the suspect was being chased.

Witnesses say that the victim rammed his SUV into the suspect’s car multiple times. An unknown pedestrian was struck by one of the vehicles and knocked into the air, but left the scene. Police were not able to locate the man struck by a vehicle.

The victim’s SUV became disabled at 4200 W Central, when he jumped into a friend’s Ford Focus and continued to pursue the suspect.

The victim continued to ram the suspect again, but failed to make a full turn at Zoo Blvd. and disabled the Ford Focus.

The driver and passenger left the Focus on foot and ran onto the railroad tracks. The suspect turned around and chased the victims.

The suspect’s Grand Marquis blew a tire and got stuck on the railroad tracks, and he left the scene on foot.

When police arrived to the scene, neither the victim nor the suspect were there.

Officers were later able to locate the original victim, and he was transported to the hospital in stable condition with a stab wound, and a cut that he suffered in the collision.

Police have identified all parties involved through the license plate registration, but no arrests have been made yet.

Officers said that the rainy weather last night was probably a factor in why all three vehicles in the story were disabled.

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