Spirit job fair brings 125 new jobs to Wichita

Spirit Aerosystems (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – As the Air Capital looks to make gains in the aviation industry, Spirit AeroSystems is adding 125 workers in Wichita.

It was the beginning of a long day for hundreds piling into Spirit AeroSystems in hopes of securing a job.

The company held a job fair Saturday morning, looking for sheet metal assembly mechanics to keep up with an increased demand.

“I’m excited; I’m not worried about anything. I’m just trying to move on,” said Gopal Rasaily, a job fair attendee.

“It’s great, especially in this job economy. We know that it’s pretty tough out there especially for those that are very skilled and with many other people that are here as well the goal is to be able to try to make it towards that next stage,” said Victor Mitchell from Spirit AeroSystems.

Officials with the company decided to look within Wichita to fill the needed slots.

“The quicker we can get those folks into the system and started training and helping produce product, the better for Spirit, and the better for our customers,” said Mitchell.

In a time where other companies are laying off employees, they say it’s a sign of forward progress.

“We are building our products at record rates and they are in record demand around the globe and so we’re needing qualified folks to help us support our customers’ requirements to deliver those products on time with great quality,” said Jarrod Bartlett with Spirit AeroSystems.

Those that weren’t qualified were given the opportunity to speak to other job finding resources, but for those that did move forward, it was a chance to not just have a door opened, but to possibly land a position.

While some of the people in attendance were there for the first time, others had a very different story, and this time, they also had a different outcome.

“By that time I got through the lines for interviews and so forth, unfortunately it didn’t work out that time, but that wasn’t going to bring me down, I’m motivated like I said to succeed so here I am again today with positive results,” said Steve Magoncia, a job fair attendee.

Spirit is facing a lawsuit filed Friday by the union representing 7,200 workers, alleging the company will be out sourcing jobs.

Spirit released a statement saying it was operating within its labor agreement with the union.

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