Addison’s Army receives help from the community

Safe fun in the sun
Safe fun in the sun

WICHITA, Kansas – A local group is getting some much needed help today. Addison’s Army accepted a check during a special ceremony at West High, with the hopes of educating others about the dangers of melanoma.

“There’s not enough discussion there’s not enough knowledge about how vicious this cancer can be , it can be sneaky,” said Kimberly Rubio, a member of Addison’s Army.

Rubio is talking about melanoma, and she is determined to change that lack of knowledge in honor of her dear friend.

Two years ago, skin cancer took the life of Briana Breedlove Cox and her daughter Addison. The two died a year and half apart from each other.

Briana had passed the deadly cancer to her daughter during pregnancy.

“Brianna and Addison were such important people in all our lives for so many different reasons it seems wrong to not do something,” said Rubio.

Safe fun in the sun
Safe fun in the sun

Today Rubio has much to smile about. She held a check worth $25,000 from State Farm with her group, Addison’s Army.

The money will go towards a colorful educational tool for children.

“For our coloring book to not only update maintain and spreading more awareness to our coloring book campaign,” said James Cox, Addison’s father.

Safe fun in the sun has been a success for the group.

The mission started with 500 books in one school, and now has over 40,000 books in over 100 schools in Wichita, all within the last 3 years.

“With this grant money we’re hoping to be double that number 80,000 books in 200 schools,” said Cox.

The hope is to get the discussion about melanoma going and encouraging early prevention to kids.

“We want to be the representatives for the melanoma community the way Susan G. Komen is for breast cancer,” said Cox.
Addison’s Army is now a 501c3 non-profit organization. The group says this check is the first of hopefully many to help them educate others about melanoma.

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