Quadruple shooting result of illegal gambling house

WICHITA, Kansas – KSN is learning new information about why police say four men were shot at a Wichita apartment complex Thursday.

It happened at 4 a.m. at the Calvary Tower Apartments.

Investigators believe they have uncovered evidence that the scene of the shooting was an illegal gambling house.

They say three men lost money while participating in some type of gambling game.

They became upset and left the apartment complex.

They later returned, forcing their way inside inside to get their money back.

That’s when the suspects began shooting up the apartment.

Police believe they have the right people in custody.

“Right now, one of our key suspects is in the hospital in critical condition, and we’re guarding that individual right now,” said Capt. Doug Nolte, Wichita Police Department.

Police did not have condition updates on three of the men.

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