Police busy in North Patrol bureau with three shootings

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police responded to three shootings Wednesday night in the North Patrol Bureau.

“I do have a limited number of detectives, and they’ve all been busy all evening working these other two cases, and then this came out, and I had to call in some more,” said Capt. Troy Livingston, Wichita Police Department.

By the time officers were called out to the quadruple shooting on North Grove at 4 a.m., they had already responded to two separate shootings in north Wichita.

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In the last case, four people were shot, one in critical condition, two others with potentially life threatening injuries, and the last shot in the foot.

It makes for a lot of police work.

“We have a scene to process vehicles, we need to look at people who were transported to the hospital, evidence to collect at the hospital, private vehicles to process, and collect evidence at hospital,” added Livingston.

The amount of activity is admittedly uncommon for Wichita.

“This isn’t something that typically happens, and I’m not gonna say it wasn’t stressful for the detectives having to juggle that many cases, but there are ample resources and backup.”

While there are ample resources, Capt. Livingston says there was some shifting around.

It included some detectives staying late and others coming in early to process everything happening.

It is a normal occurrence for any time there’s multiple incidents taking place.

“The manager in me always wants more resources, everyone wants more resources, but this city doesn’t have a blank check.”

Officials with the police department point out that if things do get out of hand, there’s always the option of calling in resources from other bureaus to fill in the gaps.

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