Bus crash caught on camera

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Nearly two-weeks after a bus crashed into two San Antonio homes, amazing footage of the accident is released.

What started out as a typical bus ride, ended with the sound of squealing tires and crunching metal.

Multiple cameras rolling on July 24th when this bus was hit from the right side by a car that ran a stop sign in the 2600 block of Ceralvo.

The driver along for the ride as the bus hits an SUV then jumps a curb and smashes through fences and two homes.

The only passenger nearly knocked out of her seat screams in terror as the bus careens out of control.

As soon as it comes to a stop the driver gets out to check the damage.

Then checks on her passenger.

Everyone on board the bus was fine, but the drivers of the SUV and the car that caused the accident sustained minor injuries.

Ttwo women inside one of the homes also walked away unharmed.

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