How to protect your passwords

(AP Photo/Google, Connie Zhou)

WICHITA, Kansas – After the most recent largest internet password breach known, KSN asked the experts ways one can protect themselves.

Ashton Smith, a laptop repair tech at Ribbit Computers says there are three easy tips everyone should keep in mind.

1) Don’t keep the same password for every account you have

“If one gets compromised they all get compromised,” said Smith. “When they get your I.D. and password, they’re you. Now they can do anything they want or whatever they get into as you and everyone’s gonna think it’s you.”

If you can’t remember each one, try storing passwords in a safe place other than your computer.

2) Change all your passwords every 30-60 days

“If you haven’t you could be compromised and not even know it,” said Smith. “Someone could have your password from a year ago you never changed it they will get in.”

3) No one should ever have access to sensitive information like your username or password

“The unfortunate thing with that, if you get hacked and someone does something illegal [and] you go to jail or court over it, there’s no way of proving it wasn’t you.”


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