Back-to-School: Teacher training

WICHITA, Kansas – Students are getting ready to head back to the classroom.

USD 259 teachers are getting special training on what to do if there’s an armed or violent intruder in the school.

Teachers at South High were introduced to the district’s new safety training entitled “Run, Hide, Fight.”

The goal is to teach them to be prepared to know what to do if a violent intruder were to walk into their school.

A special video presentation showed how to survive an attack, and what to do in several different situations.

“I don’t know if it’s something we plan on doing but it’s just something in the back of your mind you understand you may have to do,” said teacher Sherry Mariani.

The “Run, Hide, Fight” program will be shared with all teachers in USD 259.

Parent are encouraged to watch the video with their children as well.

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