KSN Weather Blog for Monday, 8/4/14

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10:20PM Tonight should be uneventful with temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. Showers and storms are not expected tonight.


9:22PM Right now temperatures range from 75 to 87 degrees. Still pretty warm out there…but it’s a quiet night! We do have plenty of changes headed our way though…and some much needed rain in the forecast. Join us on KSN at 10 for details on the work week ahead.

Kansas Temperatures

6:24PM Sun and high clouds at this hour. Still hot with a temp of 93 degrees. A nice breeze from the South at 12mph.

Wichita Currents

5:52PM It’s a quiet evening across Kansas but we are tracking lots of rain chances for the week ahead. Join us for KSN News at 6 for details.

4:40PM Temperatures have climbed into the 90s across most of the state – feeling very typical for early August. Luckily, we still aren’t dealing with much humidity so we don’t have to worry about the heat index factor. Here’s a look at current temps:

Kansas Temperatures

3:00PM It’s getting hot out there but relative humidity is low – meaning we don’t have a “feels like” temperature to deal with this afternoon. There’s also a nice breeze in Wichita and tons of sunshine.

Wichita Currents

12:45PM Just past noon and the 90’s are already starting to pop up.

KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

12:15PM That August heat is coming back fast. The good news is that we won’t be getting anywhere near the record high of 105 set back in 1930… Just the typical Mid 90’s expected this time of year.

DF Daypart

7:45AM Pretty good looking day setting up for us. There are just a few isolated showers left over but they are winding down. Your radar is right here.


6:20AM Tracking just a few showers this morning but they are winding down… If you happen to get under one just expect some brief rain and that’s about it. Have a look at your local radar right here.


6:00AM Although we do have a few showers this AM no severe weather is anticipated. It’s just a mild and slightly muggy start to your Monday morning.

KSN Kansas -6 Hours To Now Temperatures 2011

5:30AM We will add a few degrees to today compared to yesterday… And although this is typical August heat returning please keep in mind that it’s way too hot to leave your children or pets in a parked car, even for a short time. Quickcast Today NEW  5:00AM We are tracking just a few showers East of the Kansas Turnpike this morning. Click here for a look at your local radar.

4:00AM Clear and even a little muggy to start your morning off. August heat will return this week along with the chances of showers and a few thunderstorms. The good news is that although it will be hot we are not looking at excessive heat and no triple digits are in the 7-day forecast. Tune into Kansas Today for a first look at your forecast and the rest of today’s headlines!

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