The 54th annual Dodge City Days ends today

DODGE CITY, Kansas – It’s the second largest festival in Kansas and brings in thousands of visitors.

Over the course of ten days and 70 events, this year’s Dodge City Days has been a success.

Crowds were heavier than we expected, despite the heat early on last weekend for the parade, the crowds were record setting.

“We have all kinds of people coming in from out of town, so we’re kind of showing our best game, you know putting our best foot forward,” said Director Jan Stevens.

Dan Arndt came from Kansas City to see Dodge City Days and encouraged family from Texas and new Nexico to meet him there.

“Some have been here, and some never had, they’ve heard about it and wanted to come, so they all showed up,” said Arndt.

And out-of-towners say they’re impressed.

“To see what Wyatt Earp did, and of course bat Masterson too, together tied in, it was fantastic. It feels like you’re a part of history, you know, you can really see that it was the real deal,” said Kevin Allen, from New Mexico.

The gun fights and the rodeo are two of the most popular events.

Thousands of people fill up these bleachers every night to watch the rodeo, and as they get closer to the finals, the crowd only gets bigger.

And this year, social media played a big part in getting people to come out.

The official numbers aren’t out yet, but the festival has generated over $3 million in the past

The festival finishes up tonight with the rodeo championship.

It is a qualifying competition and part of the Wrangler Million Dollar Tour Rodeo.


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