Optimistic outlook for Ebola victims and families

Dr. Kent Brantly & Nancy Writebol

WICHITA, Kansas – US doctors work carefully with a patient infected with one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history.

Another patiently waits to return home to the US for the same treatment and to reunite with her family.

Doctors watched in amazement as one of two Ebola victims slowly walked into Emory Hospital for the first time without a ventilator on Saturday.

That leaves many optimistic about the return of Wichita man’s mother.

This is a sign for Jeremy Writebol. His mother, Nancy, contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia while performing humanitarian work there.

Nancy is now waiting for a plane specially converted for her transfer, which left Atlanta Saturday.

It is the same plane that brought Dr. Kent Brantly, another US Ebola victim back home for treatment at one of just four hospitals in the country with the resources and expertise to treat Ebola.

Some are questioning why bring such a deadly virus back to the states.

Doctors defend the decision.

“I would really dispute the notion that this is bringing Ebola into the country,” said Dr. Jay Varkey, infectious disease specialist. “This is a sick patient that needs our help.”

Help that is already one step away, giving doctors and Jeremy hope for a recovery.

“She’s stable. As dad put it, she’s fighting through it and continuing to express a few symptoms. she’s able to move around on her own,” said Jeremy.

Nancy Writebol is expected to return to the states on Tuesday.

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