Young bobcats rehabilitated using cat costumes

MORGAN HILL, California (KSBW) – California’s drought conditions continue to push wildlife closer to communities.

The “Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center” in Morgan Hill has a unique approach to rehabilitating that wildlife.

It’s an approach that will be used on two bobcats coming to the center over the next couple of weeks.

The 12 week old wildcat went for shots and a checkup Wednesday morning.

The vet says he’s healthy, but two weeks ago it wasn’t looking good for the bobcat, who was discovered roaming a Sacramento area neighborhood skinny and full of ticks.

He was abandoned after its mother was apparently shot for killing chickens.

“If he was left on his own or if someone didn’t find him, he would probably most likely not survive because he doesn’t have the skills for hunting mother would still be catching food and bringing it to him and the mother would still be teaching lessons to that infant bobcat,” said Anne Venneman of the Wildlife Center Outreach Coordinator.

The cat is now in the care of volunteers at the “Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center” in Morgan Hill who dress up in a bobcat costume so as to minimize human contact with the vicious cat.

“We don’t want them associating food with humans so when they do get released we don’t want them going up to first person they see and think they are going to give them food so that’s why we came up with the costume idea,” said Venneman.


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