Pompeo and Tiahrt campaign hard three days before August primary

Tiahrt and Pompeo (KSN File Photo)


WICHITA, Kansas – The race for the 4th District Congressional seat has proven to be a contentious battle between incumbent Mike Pompeo and his challenger, Todd Tiahrt.

A lot of work going into both campaigns this weekend with just 48-hours of true campaigning possible before the August primary on Tuesday.

Pompeo pushed for a traditional rally today, drumming up support from his supporters donning ‘I like Mike’ buttons. While he and supporters from other states gave a few words on another side of town, Todd Tiarht hoped to win people over by waving signs and going door to door.

But it’s in these final days, they’re both hoping to be able to sway undecided voters one way or another.

The exclusive KSN News Poll shows Tiahrt gaining some traction on Pompeo, but still trailing him by 7%.

“We take this to the people and the theme of our campaign is returning this seat to the people, not the big power brokers in Washington, DC, but the people of Kansas,” said Tiahrt.

“It’s great fun, we’re in the final 48 hours of the campaign we get a chance to connect one more time with real Kansans and talk to them about the things that matter to them and explain why it is you care so much about them and your goal in going to Washington to help achieve those goals,” said Pompeo.

Both campaigns say they’ve had a lot of feedback from Kansans about what they think needs to be changed.

From Pompeo’s standpoint, the hope is keeping him in a place that can help with national issues.

“I’ve heard three things this morning when I talk to Kansans, like I do all the time, first is about a president who is behaving lawlessly, the second is about Obamacare and how it’s impacted them and their families and their lives, and finally I hear folks who are very concerned about America’s lack of leadership overseas, they want us to make sure and keep America safe,” said Pompeo.

Tihart’s campaign said the big response they’ve heard is that Kansans need to make sure their voice is heard.

“People think that Washington is out of touch, Washington doesn’t listen to the average person, they think if you don’t have a lobbyist, you don’t get listened to and that’s really what’s been happening up there, it’s become all about the money and not about the people,” said Tiahrt.

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Coming up tonight on KSN News at 10, we’ll hear more from the candidates about the issues they say Kansas voters care about.

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