Pot petitioners wait to see if it will be included on Nov. ballot

Marijuana (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – A group trying to de-criminalize marijuana in Wichita will have to wait for a decision on whether it will be included on the November ballot.

The group, “Kansas for Change”, received nearly 6,500 signatures on a petition to put the issue up for a vote.

The Election Commissioner said her office is still checking to see which signatures are valid.

Even though they registered over 150 people to vote while getting their signatures on the petition, the number of valid signatures is teetering around the requirement needed to proceed further

Once that’s finished, the Election Office will turn the petition back over to the City Clerk.

Legal experts that KSN has spoken with say one of the biggest issues the petition would face, even if it passes, is that it would only decriminalize marijuana in Wichita, not complying with the state and federal laws.

Those who work closely with the group say it’s the same obstacle other places have faced and overcome.

“California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado and Seattle before full legalization had decriminalization ordinances all across the states,” said Janie Bradley of the Peace and Social Justice Center.

Election officials say they’re going to double check all the signatures this weekend in hopes of delivering the petition to the City Clerk’s office by the beginning of next week.

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