Officials warn of more counterfeit currency

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – Law enforcement informed KSN that they’re seeing counterfeit money popping up in more and more small towns.

While this is an ongoing battle, what’s different in some cases is the denominations.

“We normally don’t see a lot of the smaller bills being counterfeit, ten is probably the smallest bill we’ve seen counterfeit in our area,” said Angela Campell, Vice President of First Kansas Bank.

Counterfeit money isn’t rare, but the Great Bend Police Department said that they see plenty of the bills you may not expect to be fake, including ones and fives.

That was a surprise to some business owners we talked to.

“I haven’t been made aware of it, I feel like I’ve heard a few ones or fives here and there but we mainly watch for the bigger bills like twenties, fifties and a hundred,” said Amber Clark, owner of On The Rocks Liquor Store.

The problem is that smaller counterfeit bills can be just as hard to detect as larger bills.

“There’s been some that have been very hard you know the only way we might be able to figure it out is maybe like a feel or it not being the exact same size as what a normal bill would be,” said Campbell.

The easiest way to tell if money is counterfeit is by using a counterfeit pen, on regular paper the mark looks brown or gray and on real money the mark turns yellow.

The size and feel of the bill can also be good indicators if it’s fake. Angela said that she’s surprised people are making the smaller bills, but understands the motivation.

“It would make sense because people that one’s kind of under the radar for them to be checking a five or a one to be counterfeit,” said Campbell.

Officials said that if you think a bill is counterfeit, not to accept it and call police.

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