Man startles family after trying to expose himself in Wichita park

(KSN photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – A Wichita family encountered a man who tried to expose himself to them at a city park has people concerned about a growing trend at one of those parks.

The man is reportedly “still” on the loose tonight.

The family was taking in some time at Watson Park Friday afternoon when they said a man came up to them and tried to expose himself.

“That’s your first priority as a parent is to protect your kids,” said parent Sean Kennedy.

The man started to undress himself as he approached Kennedy’s wife and 2-year-old son while they were having lunch at Watson Park.

“I hear her screaming my name and running down towards me and she says somebody’s trying to expose themselves to us,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy had his wife take their son to the car while he chased the man away from his family.

The man then drove off in a van while the Kennedys’ reported the incident to police.

A City Parks worker witnessed the incident and followed the man long enough to get a license plate number.

The parks worker called police and told that the vehicle was registered to a sex offender.

Wichita Police said the incident would fall under what they classify as a complaint of a suspicious character with sexual circumstances.

The number of similar reports that Watson Park received have gone up this year.

After one report each year for 2012 and 2013, there have been at least two reports filed so far this year, with this case potentially the third one.

Between all city parks overall, the number has been up and down.

Two years ago, it was 15 reports, and last year it was up to 20. This year, only 10 reports have been filed.

Kennedy said despite the frightening encounter, it won’t stop his family from living their life.

“You can’t live in fear, you know, you can’t just say, well there might be somebody who’s going to rob me today, or you know, expose themselves to my kids because then you wouldn’t be able to live life at all.” – Sean Kennedy.

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