Over 100 are on their way to Heather’s Camp

WICHITA, Kansas – More than one hundred kids are on their way to lots of summer fun at Heather’s Camp.

The camp is designed for kids who are visually impaired.

The project is named in memory of Heather Muller, a victim of the Carr brothers’ murders.

Campers loaded up on buses this morning to take them to the site near Junction City.

Through Sunday, they’ll be doing outdoor activities like canoeing, archery and beep ball.

“Camp is as much about the relationships that are formed during camp as it is about the experiences that they have while they’re during camp. So we try to provide a one-to-one mentorship so we have one camper and one volunteer and that way they get the friendship and the mentoring as well as the exciting camp experiences,” said Krista Rapp, President and Board of Director for Heather’s Camp.

The camp is sponsored by Envision and the Delta Gamma sorority, Heather’s Camp is now in its 14th year.

It hass grown from 20 campers to more than 100.

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