Goddard prepares for 1-cent sales tax voting issue

GODDARD, Kansas – Residents in Goddard got one last chance tonight to learn about a proposed sales tax that would fund improvements in that city.

For most voters, Tuesday’s primary will be about who moves on to November’s general election. But it also has added meaning here in Goddard, where the city will determine whether or not to add a one-cent sales tax.

City officials met face to face with residents and business owners to explain how declining funds from the state is a key reason they are pursuing a sales tax.

“Folks tend to generally fall into three camps, the first are those that overwhelmingly support it, those that are fundamentally opposed to any taxation, and those that just want to find the facts about what’s going to be spent and why,” said Goddard City Administrator, Brian Scott.

City leaders say if the tax had been in place last year, it would have raised more than $400,000 for the city.

75% of it would go toward infrastructure improvements, like building new parks and repairing and widening roads that accommodate a growing number of motorists.

“…And the people that are traveling through our city and using our roads will help contribute the money that is needed to maintain those roads,” said resident Richard Rose.

The other 25% of it would fund a reduction of property taxes, passing some of that tax obligation from homeowners to consumers who shop in the city.

“This is the most equitable way that the community felt we could spread that cost across as many folks as possible, and make not only Goddard residents, but those visiting our community, make their experience here more enjoyable,” said Scott.

If the sales tax is approved, it would likely take around 90-days for it to be implemented in Goddard. It can also be overridden by a majority vote of the city council in the future.

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