Ebola: First hand look

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (WTHR) – An Indiana doctor is back from a trip to Africa, where he witnessed the Ebola outbreak firsthand.

Dr. Josh Mugele sees trauma and illness in the emergency room at IU Health Methodist Hospital. He’s trained for disasters like Katrina and 9/11, providing medical care in the rubble.

But a trip to Liberia last month exposed him to a new crisis.

“It’s dangerous and it’s scary,” he said.

He’s just back from JFK Hospital in Liberia, which is seeing a spike in Ebola cases. He was there for research, then, “the first Monrovia patient came to another hospital and we actually got the first patient at JFK. This wasn’t at all part of our plan.”

It was a real crisis. Dr. Mugele wasn’t giving hands-on care, but used his training to help stop the spread.

“Help limit access to the hospital and start screening patients as they were coming in,” the doctor said. “So if people were exhibiting signs of Ebola, we could get them to the place where they could be isolated and get treatment.”


CDC Ebola information

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