Dodge City PD tackles meth issue

DODGE CITY, Kansas– Dodge City Police made two meth-related arrests in early July, and each year they see about 100 felony drug cases, the majority of those involve methamphetamine.

“That’s the worst thing that we have,” said Detective Bureau Commander Lieutenant Colleen Brooks-Francis, “and that continues to be the worst thing, we’re just inundated with [it].”

Lieutenant Brooks-Francis said they’ve seen a decrease in meth labs now that pharmacies are more strict, but meth is still coming in through the Mexican-American border.  Plus, other drugs, including an increase in marijuana from neighboring Colorado, find their way through Kansas, a major highway distribution state.

Once the drugs are in Dodge City, DCPD only has two narcotics detectives to handle the work load.

“Dodge City is a small area, but we have always had metro level crime, but we don’t have metro level resources,” Brooks-Francis said.

Dodge City works with KBI and surrounding departments like Garden City Police to tackle as much crime as they can.  In addition, health initiatives throughout the area focus on education and prevention…

“Parents and kids both need to know the consequences of using drugs, what it might do, not only to their health, but legally,” said Verna Weber, the Executive Director at the Finney County Community Health Coalition.

While they try to get to the root of the issue the Dodge City Police Department is trying to get more money into the budget by selling forfeiture property, or anything they seize that they can prove was bought with drug money, in an effort to keep battling the problem.

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